About Critical Kits

About Critical Kits

Critical Kits emerged as a collaborative effort to bring creativity to the masses.  In early 2021, a pair of artists banded together to combat the mundane and provide a platform to shop art, clothing, jewelry and more than could once only be found at street fairs, festivals, and conventions whose frequency had been all but eliminated due to the ravages of COVID-19.  Tank and Hexen have been purveying a variety of wares for the modern adventurer from mysterious merch booths and haunted hovels for many years, and now they're bringing their work to you through digital portals across every realm.  

Critical Kits: artistic expression, relics and oddities for the modern adventurer of any class.

Meet Your Makers

Artist: Tank

Born under a mossy rock in Northern California, Tank's creations are hewn, twisted, forged, cut, ground and burned from reclaimed and new materials alike. His intention is to bring archaic, fantasy, and nerdy style together to create unique art that serves to blend modernity and antiquity.

Artist: Hexen

Few have gazed upon Hexen's visage and maintained enough sanity to tell the tale. Working with leather and textile with deft precision, he creates artistic expressions to be worn by the modern adventurer.